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3 acquistion mistakes to avoid

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Business Law |

Mergers and acquisitions commonly happen, but that does mean they will all turn out successfully.

According to Statista research, more than 11,000 deals happened in 2020. To help ensure a smooth transition, avoid the following three common mistakes.

1. Failure to plan for integration

With all the excitement and work that goes into making a detail, the post-merger integration easily gets lost in the shuffle. Not doing so leaves the company in limbo once finalized. Instead of smoothly easing the new company into the fold, an immediate transition may come with extra hassle regarding a number of important aspects, including employee relations.

2. Improper intellectual property documentation

Whether small or larger, businesses may have more intellectual property than they may think. Intellectual property comes with complexities, which only grow more complex if patents or trade secrets stay hidden during the acquisition. Afterward, the acquirer may face legal ramifications if they also acquired legally defective property.

3. Incomplete due diligence

Due diligence needs to happen at the start of the process since some tasks take longer than others. When dealing with a sense of urgency, some may take shortcuts when it comes to time-consuming research. From records to the people in the company, every aspect needs due diligence to ensure the acquisitions prove worthwhile. Oftentimes, having a team of professionals completing this process will ensure it happens correctly.

Although every acquisition comes with its own uniqueness, many processes have proven their validity to ensure both parties come to a fair and beneficial agreement.