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3 ways an abuser might try to get around a restraining order

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Uncategorized |

A restraining order is usually the last line of defense when an abuser gives you no other choice to protect yourself. If you are dealing with a particularly tenacious individual, though, there is a risk that they might try to find crafty ways around the law.

You can take steps to protect yourself by becoming familiar with common ways that an abuser could try to violate a restraining order. Be aware that any violation, even one that is seemingly small or indirect, is reportable and punishable.

Contacting indirectly

The obvious implication of a restraining order is that the abuser may not physically approach the protected individual. With this in mind, your harasser might feel comfortable contacting you through the mail, social media or online messaging. These methods are not allowed under the terms of your protection.

Visiting your workplace

It is possible that the individual who is subject to your restraining order will visit your workplace posing as a patron or feigning ignorance that you work there. While you might not be able to prove that an abuser was aware of your employment status, the fact remains that visiting your place of work is a clear violation.

Tricking you into making first contact

A harasser who is trying to be especially clever might use psychological manipulation or scam tactics to trick you into contacting them first. Even if their attempts are successful, replying to a protected individual still falls under punishable contact.

You should not ever have to feel threatened by an abuser, especially after filing a restraining order. Your attorney can help you enforce criminal penalties in the event of a violation.