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3 tips for healthy co-parenting that benefits your child

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Divorce |

As a divorced parent to a minor child, one of your main concerns is the well-being of your child. Maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship is vital to childhood development.

According to CNBC, approximately 40% or 50% of U.S. married couples divorce. Suddenly being thrust into a new world of separate households may have a major impact on the children of these individuals, including yours. Taking actions to be a good co-parent may help them adjust.

1. Strive for consistency

Too many changes may confuse your progeny and cause a sensation of instability. While having the same rules in both households may not be viable, establishing a set of consistent guidelines around subjects like curfew and school performance expectations may help. It is also important for you and your former spouse to agree on certain disciplinary measures. For example, a punishment assigned during your time may prove ineffective if your co-parent refuses to enforce it.

2. Remain polite

Even if your divorce ended with pain, conflict and anger, for the sake of your child you need to keep it from tinging your interactions with your ex-partner, even if said person is a horrible co-parent. It is important to stay polite, calm and reasonable, record any problems and apply for custody changes if necessary. Grudges and bad behaviors such as speaking negatively about the other party only hurt your kid.

3. Follow the schedule

Transitioning is easier if you have a steady schedule and follow it. Avoiding constantly being late and informing the other person if you are unable to make it on time are integral. Any changes in the schedule need to be consensual.

Teamwork, amicability and consistency are necessary for successful co-parenting and may make the new situation considerably less stressful on your child.