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What makes a good executor for your will?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Firm News |

When Utah residents like you begin working on your estate plan, you have a lot to do. You must decide where you want your assets to go. You must figure out how to handle your financial situation. Above all, you must pick an executor to manage this.

An executor is a crucial part of your estate. You should not save picking one for the last minute. Today we will look at some of the universal traits of good executors. We will discuss what you may want to look for when trying to find yours.

Objective skills of an executor

Forbes discusses what makes a good executor for a will. There are some traits that make an objectively good executor. For example, they should have the ability to stay on top of complex projects. This means possessing strong organizational and self management skills. They should communicate in a clear and concise way. But they should also have compassion. After all, they will handle talking to your grieving loved ones.

A good executor should have a full understanding of the process of probate. This process often lasts years. This means your executor signs up for a job that they may need to prioritize for years. They should understand this possibility before they agree to take on the responsibility.

Compatibility with an executor

On a more subjective level, they should hold some compatibility with you. They will execute your will. They may have to make decisions on your behalf at some point. You will rest easier if you know the person making these choices thinks in a similar way to you.

Once you think you have a good choice in mind, alert them right away. Like this, they can take their time to decide if they want to take on the responsibility.