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The benefits of a mediated divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | Firm News |

While some divorces become very contentious, litigious, and expensive, couples who agree to being both reasonable and civil towards each other have another option. A mediated divorce could save divorcing couples stress, anxiety, and the financial pitfalls of litigated divorce.

A mediated divorce is the process of a divorcing couple meeting with a neutral third party (an attorney, a retired judge, or otherwise) to negotiate divorce disputes and agree to compromises that benefit both parties.

The benefits of a mediated divorce are plentiful and include:

  1. Mediators address each couple’s unique family and financial situation. Mediators help craft beneficial agreements for both parties.
  2. A Mediators never take sides. The mediator’s focus is resolution, compromise, and the best interests of the children (if applicable).
  3. Mediation allows each individual to be presented with the necessary information to make their own decision.
  4. The length of a mediated divorce rests solely in the hands of the parties and usually lasts weeks rather than years. 
  5. The cost of mediation is drastically lower than divorce via litigation. 

Lastly, with mediation, a divorcing couple has control over their divorce and avoids the chaos that can accompany a litigated divorce.