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Lending institutions represent the largest single segment of our clients. From loan documentation to loan enforcement, Scalley Reading Bates Hansen & Rasmussen is prepared to assist lenders with all of their legal needs. With numerous laws enacted to protect the borrower, a lender needs an experienced attorney who knows how to document and enforce loans. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to make sure our clients are protected and successful in their lending business. An example of the types of legal services we provide to lenders includes:

Foreclosures: Marlon L. Bates, with a dedicated and well-trained team of paralegals, has handled thousands of foreclosures throughout the state of Utah. He represents large financial institutions such as JP Morgan Chase Bank, Mountain America Federal Credit Union, KeyBank N.A. and numerous smaller financial institutions and individual lenders. His vast experience with foreclosures enables him to do this work quickly, accurately and at a reasonable price. LPS Default Solutions has repeatedly honored Scalley Reading Bates Hansen & Rasmussen, under Marlon's direction, as one of its top law firms, nationwide, for excellence in both foreclosures and bankruptcies.

Loan Documentation: Our firm has represented lending institutions in preparing loan documents and supervising real estate closings. We have represented a wide variety of lenders with respect to construction loans, term loan, lines of credits and other types of financing. Our clients include both lenders within the state of Utah, and out-of-state lenders who want to make sure their loan documents comply with Utah laws.

Creditor Bankruptcies: Our firm has represented creditors in thousands of bankruptcies in Utah. We appear before all of the Utah bankruptcy judges on a regular basis. We understand how to help our clients assert their legal rights to the fullest extent permitted by federal bankruptcy laws. Whether our clients need a motion for relief from the automatic stay, an objection to confirmation of a bankruptcy plan, a reaffirmation agreement, a request for adequate protection or advice regarding how to comply with bankruptcy laws, we are prepared to give assistance.

Debt Collection: In addition to the foregoing, we can assist our lending clients with a wide variety of debt collection services. We can negotiate and document forbearance agreements, prepare deeds in lieu of foreclosure, file lawsuits to enforce loan documents, obtain judgments against borrowers, create judgment liens against real property and execute upon such liens, conduct debtor examinations, garnish bank accounts and wages, repossess personal property collateral, and take whatever steps are necessary to help our lenders collect their debts. Because we do a large volume of debt collection work, we understand how to do it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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