Alternative co-parenting with nesting

Alternative co-parenting with nesting

| Jan 25, 2021 | Child Custody |

Coming up with a comprehensive co parenting plan is far from easy. There are many things that you will need to coordinate with your ex-spouse when you are setting up the plan. One of the things that you must decide is what your living situation will look like while you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are going through the divorce process. 

In a traditional co-parenting set up, both parents would have their own living situation and the children would move back and forth between them. However, in some limited situations, an alternative arrangement may work. This arrangement is nesting, and according to Psychology Today it involves the children staying in the same place and the parents moving in and out accordingly. 

How does this help?

Many families end up in a de facto nesting arrangement at the beginning of their divorce. At this point, the family may not have concrete plans for what will happen after divorce, but the parents need space from each other. Nesting is a way to provide stability and consistency for the children while you and your ex-spouse are working out details. 

Nesting can also be a good option for older children who may protest moving constantly between two separate living situations. 

What are the challenges?

In order for nesting to work, you are going to have to have very good communication habits with your ex-spouse. Essentially, you still will be sharing a house, it is just that you will not be in it at the same time. So you will need to coordinate on bill paying and all other aspects related to running the family home. Nesting is not for couples going through an acrimonious divorce.